An Extremely Rare Yongzheng Boneless Conch Shell

A very rare Yongzheng period conch shell decorated with flower sprays and insects and topped with a three legged toad.

This ‘boneless’ style is perhaps the least common of the enamelling techniques used at Jingdezhen, either because it was too complicated to use on a mass production scale or, if not handled well, give the impression that the piece was unfinished. The technique is discussed in detail by R. Scott, ’18th Century Overglaze Enamels: the Influence of Technological Development on Painting Style’, Style in the East Asian Tradition, Percival David Foundation, London, 1987, pp. 158-164.

Conch shell (luo螺) Thoughts of the Buddha

Age: Yongzheng

Size: Approx 8 cm High x 17 cm Long